About NEST Family Apps

We are proud to announce the introduction of NEST Family Apps, a venture dedicated to giving parents additional sources of inspiring and nurturing content in exciting new digital formats. The company will introduce ?appisodes? featuring animated stories from the Bible as well as the inspiring stories of history?s most outstanding heroes and heroines.

Currently under development for Spring 2013 will include powerful stories such as “He Is Risen: The Story of Easter” and “The Miracles of Jesus” among many others. The apps will be available for smartphones and tablets on Apple, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble platforms for $2.99.

These new apps will take advantage of the latest technologies and practices available in this medium to incorporate teaching opportunities into the stories while also prompting conversation and learning. As more and more families look to tablets and smartphones as an educational resource, we have made it a priority to meet their home education and entertainment needs with classic apps that have our company?s values at their core.

Each timeless appisode will be a transcreation of existing NEST Family Learning DVDs and other sources so parents will have access to familiar and reliable, curriculum-infused apps for
homeschooling, entertaining and sharing.

In addition, we will provide helpful tips for parents about how to make these apps part of helping their children meet the new Core Curriculum State Standards that will be introduced in 47 states during the 2013 and 2014 school years.

Press Contact: carmen@nestfamilyapps.com

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