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Daniel and the Lions’ Den

daniel and the lions' denDaniel and the Lions’ Den is a masterful retelling of the Biblical story of Daniel. Daniel was a trusted advisor and friend to King Darius, and he loved his king, but he loved God above all.  Throughout his life, he taught others about loving and obeying God, and is later punished for his beliefs by being thrown into the Lions’ Den. Armed only with his faith in God, he emerges unharmed from the ordeal.  This uplifting story has been made accessible for young and advanced readers as an interactive app experience filled with educational elements, classic images, sound effects, educational games and coloring pages.

Daniel and the Lions' Den
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NEST Family Apps Masterfully Recreates the Enduring Story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den in a New Interactive Storybook Experience

daniel and the lions' den


NEST Family Apps, a division of NEST Family Learning, whose goal is to provide wholesome family entertainment and learning experiences, released another appisode with Daniel and the Lions’ Den. In this all-new enhanced storybook app, readers will learn about the enduring biblical story of Daniel, who believed in his king, but loved God above all and is later punished by being thrown into the Lions’ Den. Armed only with his faith in God, he emerges unharmed from the ordeal. Young and advanced readers will appreciate the powerful story and narrative, educational elements, classic images filled with whimsical sound effects and age appropriate games and coloring pages. This app is available today on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble for $2.99.


“Daniel and the Lions’ Den” is an amazing story of strength and courage and we are incredibly delighted to bring it to life in a new format that may offer new and older readers an exciting avenue to learn,” said NEST Learning founder, Seldon Young. “It is important that we continue to explore alternatives to share our exceptional library of biblical stories and make them accessible in this digital age.”


  • Three reading modes: Read & Learn for children ready to interact with text; Read to Me for children to be read by a narrator; and Just a Book for quiet reading and reflection.
  • Hands-on learning activities enhance the app experience with Bible-based activities: Word Search, Word Jumble, Maze and Trivia games based on the story in easy and hard levels.
  • Word tracing encourages hands-on practice of letter recognition.
  • Coloring pages allow kids to be creative while painting scenes directly from the story.
  • NEST Family Chat offers parents, caregivers and educators questions designed to prompt meaningful discussion about the story., a Nest Family Apps Facebook profile and Pinterest boards are also being made available to support the educational and entertainment needs of parents looking for reliable apps to be part of their children?s overall learning process.



From its origin over twenty years ago, has been a leader in providing entertaining and educational resources for the family. NEST is recognized worldwide as a trusted source of wholesome family entertainment by parents, families and the community of academic and faith-based educators. With the introduction of Nest Family Apps, the company is providing sound content for digital learning that is inspiring, educational, and entertaining while infused with positive values, morals, knowledge and wisdom. The stories found in Nest Family Apps feature characters that have transformed our world and demonstrate spiritual strength. For more information about Nest Family Apps like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

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The Miracles of Jesus

app-p3The Miracles of Jesus is an enhanced storybook app from NEST Family Apps that shares with young and advanced readers the powerful stories of The Lord’s miracles and those who had faith in Him. This timeless story has been re imagined into an interactive app experience that brings to life the classic animation from the popular NEST Learning DVD series.

This Biblically accurate telling of Jesus’ miracles reveals how having faith can make the world a better place. Though David cannot walk or talk, he smiles because he has faith that Jesus will heal him. People cannot believe their eyes when Jesus brings a little girl back to life. And the apostle Peter learns that faith can make the impossible possible when he walks across the water into the arms of his Savior.

This app is wonderfully crafted with features designed for kids of all ages to read, learn and engage in the story.

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He is Risen: An Easter Story

app-p1He is Risen: An Easter Story is an engaging, enhanced storybook app from NEST Family Apps. Readers will learn about the miraculous Resurrection of Jesus. The beautifully crafted app expertly combines interactivity and technology with classic art and animation for a contemporary reading experience.

This Biblical account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ introduces young learners and advanced readers to the Apostles, Mary Magdalene, and other characters from Jesus? life story. This inspiring tale of hope, faith and love is perfect to share with your child during the Easter season and all year round.

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